Humans wonder about many things during our lifetime. We have answered the world’s greatest questions. In fields from science to computer graphics, our feats are numerous. At times, it seems that there is nothing left to learn. All the continents have been explored. Our universe is no longer a complete mystery. There is a theory for everything that happens, whether correct or not.

But remaining, when everything in life has been solved, is art. Art is the method humankind has chosen to ask the remaining questions. Existential questions which cannot be answered are posted in art. Through art, we allow ourselves to keep our wonder and curiosity.

From theater to painting, art has expressed what we cannot express in one sentence. The questions it raises could not be answered in a formula or calculation. It comes down to human expression, emotion, and appreciation for the world. Thus, art is not a mere reflection of life.

Instead, art is a celebration. It takes the good and the bad of our world and redesigns it. Though we do see truth reflected, there is also untrue. The fiction, the stories that can take us beyond the realm of what is concrete. Art is linked to life only insofar as life affords inspiration.

Life, it could be said, is indefinable. It has no set parameters. We live on the earth and die on the ground. Outside our lifetime, no one can tell what happens. When an artist paints a portrait, they do not try to define the subject. Instead, they express only what they can see.

Art cannot fully replicate life, as life will never be as complete as art. It is merely an expression of the artist’s perception of reality. Is life the same as actual fact? We are all influenced by our experiences. A holistic view of all life would be different from a personal one. Art is not universal. Therefore it cannot reflect life.

Others argue the opposite. The most common argument stems from the idea that art directly mirrors life. Artists must draw on their experience; it is true. But this experience makes them unique, separating them from universal life. An artist can present only themselves in their artwork, and their perspective. The only global art would be a direct representation of truth. Non-fiction representations such as this are not considered art.

There are many questions yet to be answered about the relationship between art and life. Taking a holistic view of the subject, each author, playwright and visual artist believes something different. Some think that their art draws directly on the influence of life. Others see only the reflection of themselves.

Whatever the case may be, it is certainly true that without one the other could not exist. Art is the pinnacle of human civilization and relies on our unique qualities. We are empathetic and emotional, capable of demonstrating this with tools. The emotions that separate us from animals make us artists who portray our reality. Whether we achieve the accurate representation of life is another question entirely. Having a baby is a form of art. Visit – Lauren Lee’s eBook and PDF to learn more about the natural way to conceive.