Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and become a better you. Often what isn’t brought up is the very powerful connection between Art and Yoga. There are many types of art and Yoga affects each of them in a different way. It is apparent that Yoga and painting are densely connected and allows one another to flow freely. Artist Amanda Giacomini had said that before she got into Yoga, she was feeling unfulfilled, lacking inspiration and had an unclear path. As soon as she started Yoga her whole perception of the world changed. She became very inspired and is currently working on a project entitled “10,000 Buddhas”.

Yoga has been known to unlock something inside you and make you much more creative and thoughtful. Being able to channel your energy into one task is a very useful skill that many wouldn’t be able to do without the help of Yoga. Yoga puts you into a state of mind that allows you to be creative and lets you actively come up with more ideas than you would be able in a normal state. There have also been scientific studies that show how Yoga affects your brain and allows for a heavier creative flow. Yoga allows for you to become more inspired than usual which makes art much easier to make and create.

Yoga is also a form of training for your artistic skills.

Yoga is all about focus and channeling all of your power into your center, or core. When you are making art, you have not only to be heavily targeted but able to channel all of your energy into one practice. Yoga is also superb when it comes to creating art in which you are consciously involved. It gives you a new way of creating your art that you may not have known about before. Many people are stuck in their ways before they try Yoga. Yoga also allows becoming unattached. You learn how to let go of yourself and see the thing you haven’t before. Unattachment very helpful in reviewing your art because you can become unattached and look at it from the perspective of someone else. In Yoga’s most know use, it allows your body to heal. While artists can create great art when they are in pain, allowing your body to suffer from the artistic process is not healthy. Get started with Best Yoga DVDs – Best Yoga DVD for beginners over 50.

When you do Yoga, you heal your body and therefore your art becomes better. Yoga also provokes a certain thoughtfulness in you that you wouldn’t see normally. Often it is the Savasana pose that offers the most help when it comes to creativity. Your Yoga teacher or whoever is guiding through your experience will tend to tell you to relax your muscles and awareness. They will guide you through your relaxation and allow their voice to fill your mind. This is extremely helpful when you need a muse for your art. It allows you to dream while still awake and become inspired. Yoga and Art go hand in hand with each other and enable you to be both healthy and flourish in your creativity.